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Why our courses

We are moving forward with a vision of emerging ourselves as the largest and trustworthy freelancers’ community. It is one of the realities that to provide efforts after having theoretical knowledge on digital marketing or starting work with a huge motivation of earning money without being skilled, are not enough to explore oneself as freelancers rather than the combinations of practical experiences of working in digital marketplaces along with the passion for working as freelancers with proper skills.
We, BizBond IT Ltd. is providing opportunities to learn about the way of harmonization of these three qualities at a time to explore oneself as a successful freelancer. We are determined to replace the status from unskilled manpower to skilled ones.

Become a self-employment

After taking our training from here, you can work with us,or you can earn  much dollars ,you can earn from the International Marketplace, you can work as a freelancer alone,as a company agent from home.

Unemployment is one of the main reasons that making our country lagging behind, resulting from this problem, is to deprive of utilizing the potentialities of this huge manpower which could have boost our economy. We do not consider this huge population as a burden but resources.

We do believe, it is not a hard nut to crack to send back unemployment in the museum through building career as a skilled freelancer if we pay a cautious look before making decisions about the career. Our trainers who are conducting classes on the courses we offering are experienced and experts on it. They take very incentive care of our trainees and teach and introduce them to every advanced technique in such a realistic and practical way so that they would get enough skill and confidence in this field.
After completing their training successfully, we arrange working on the live projects as well as a complete internship for our trainees under expert trainers who observe every step of their moves, so that they can understand the proper ways of working on digital marketplaces.

We provide the opportunity for our trainees to harmonize three qualities at a time; Proper knowledge through training, the passion they carrying and the practical experience of working on the digital marketplace. We regularly arrange feedback classes to solve the problems they face.

In a nutshell, we want to highlight that we are shaping our trainees through every facility needed to be a skilled freelancer so that they can create their own identity and value in digital marketplace to be self-reliant, not dependent upon us, though we arrange jobs for them in our organization.


MD. Abdul Hamid,

Managing Director & CEO

BizBond IT Limited