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Core Training & Services


Advanced CPA Marketing

BizBond IT LTD is one of the most pioneer companies who first introduced and made popular CPA marketing in Bangladesh by creating an opportunity to get top class training and guideline with expert trainers for skilled self-reliant CPA marketing expert. You will learn how to obtain enormous money from CPA marketing...


Advanced affiliate marketing

The concept of affiliate marketing has got more popular because of its effectiveness being proved, as one of the most winsome platforms of earning money working online. Affiliate marketing stands on the four principals; merchant (brand or retailer), the networks, the publisher popularly known as the affiliate and the customers...


Advanced Graphic Designing

To start career as freelancers being expert on graphic designing, you will need to have basic ideas on those software used for graphics designing like InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and other important tools so that you can work efficiently on print design, logo design, motion graphics...


Advanced digital marketing solutions

We are highly extended to know your ideas that you are thinking about your business to be having more clear ideas about the position you expecting by setting your goals and objectives. So that we can get a bird’s eye view as to the requirements of your business as well as your expected visitors for the products and services you wanting to provide...


Advanced Email Marketing Solutions

BizBond IT LTD has specific bunches of experts who can provide you quality services on Email marketing like it gives solutions on other services. We do serve our clients with keeping ahead of a motto – “our clients, our wealth”, if you are agreed to get Email marketing solutions from us, you will find our dedicated, experienced experts on Email marketing ...


Special solutions for Social media marketing

The arsenals of BizBond IT is full of well reputed experienced specialists for social media marketing solutions who are with the combination of dedication, energy, and professional responsibility. We prefer more to learn from you to understand your vision, missions, and objectives about your business to assure the exact thing you expected from us to do...

Why our courses

We are moving forward with a vision of emerging ourselves as the largest and trustworthy freelancers’ community. It is one of the realities that to provide efforts after having theoretical knowledge on digital marketing or starting work with a huge motivation of earning money without being skilled, are not enough to explore oneself as freelancers rather than the combinations of practical experiences of working in digital marketplaces along with the passion for working as freelancers with proper skills.

We, BizBond IT Ltd. is providing opportunities to learn about the way of harmonization of these three qualities at a time to explore oneself as a successful freelancer. We are determined to replace the status from unskilled manpower to skilled ones.

As the BizBond IT Ltd has the experience of producing highly skilled manpower with a view to creating options for them to keep their individual contribution, in terms of developing their career by changing their socio-economic condition, working as freelancers reputedly on digital marketplaces being got rid of the curse of unemployment, which would put effective impact on our national economy to be more stable. by which our these huge population ( after changing their status from unemployed to skilled manpower ) would be able to keep their little contribution to boost GDP and uplift our status on the stage of developed countries.

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Why Choose Us

BizBond IT Limited is one of the oldest Training Institutes in Bangladesh. Since 2010, This organization is mainly started and focused on training for the reduction of unemployment fact of Bangladesh by creating a huge skillful, self-reliant and productive human resource..

It provides training and services more than in 11 fields of IT sectors.

Developing their qualities through proper career oriented courses for the betterment of the companies and individuals.

Observing their productivity and skill all-time and providing them with a proper guideline to improvise them.

BizBond IT Ltd. is providing opportunities to learn about the way of harmonization of these three qualities at a time to explore oneself as a successful freelancer.

We are determined to replace the status from unskilled manpower to skilled ones.

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Building value

The perfect exercise of technology emerges as one of the most important factors in terms of resolving our daily problems with a view to making our lifestyle easier, therefore, the importance of being skilled in every sector of IT field, is beyond the imagination. We work with a motto to diminish the distance between IT and human resources, for replacing them as the valuable wealth for the nation to enable their proficiency on IT-based sectors through providing quality training to our trainees and giving the best possible services to our valuable clients. However, the services we provide to look forward to achieving our objectives in terms of accomplishing our vision are divided into two wings.


As the scarcity of visible job sectors in Bangladesh compared with the population, is one of the undeniable facts, therefore, IT sectors can be the effective platform to ensure jobs for each individual as the demands of this sectors are increasing implausibly. Therefore, to be skilled about it works is beyond the imagination. Because, if any individual enters into IT markets without knowing its works and process properly, the individual would be frustrated resulting from it. As we are a good concern about these consequences, our think tank has arranged proper training packages for the new birds.

By the proper training as well as careful observation of our dedicated highly skilled trainers, we would build our trainees enough skilled so that they would be capable of creating their own market value by their proficiencies not only that, but also we ensure their jobs through a careful scrutinizing as well as evaluating their skills and progress in our own company.


As online marketing is growing faster with the possibility of a bright future, the competitors working in this arena, are getting ready and more qualified with their skillful experts to ensure the quality services to their clients in terms of getting their satisfaction to be successful. Therefore, the IT sectors are getting more challenging because of the presences of skilled experts with their proficiency in advanced technology using today, due to be stable on the market doing business with reputation, therefore, we have designed our services under the careful observation of the country’s best experts (who are reputed on the global digital marketplace for their efficiencies), for our valuable customers. So that they would be able to enhance your business with efficiencies which would lead you on the way of success through attaining all targeted profits.

We are specially designed our solution service packages for the small and medium sizes investors who want to expand their businesses with full domination on digital marketplaces and survive strongly against the rivals to compete for the cut-throat marketing situation. In this context, we are sure that our offered solutions related packages will be reasonable for you.


I have taken CPA course at BizBond IT. The course curriculum is very well designed for students and professional, and the teacher is very cooperative and enthusiastic, overall it's a phenomenal learning experience..

I joined Degital marketing training at BizBond IT. I have learned from basic to expert level of Degital. It was an amazing journey with our guide. The training provided by BizBond IT is very good. I will recomment BizBond IT to everyone..

It was really a good experience to get training from BizBond IT. Teachers were very friendly and knowledgeable. BizBond was a good choice for CPA training..